Queen Cardinal Inspiration

    As a dreamer, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and power of the feminine energy. The design of the silk scarf, Queen Cardinal, is a reflection of this inspiration. The scarf is a celebration of the qualities of generosity, love, understanding, resilience and forgiveness that are inherent in the feminine.

    One of the sources of inspiration for this very first Rose Cardinal scarf, unbeknown to me at the time, was the Hindu god Ganesha. Known as the remover of obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings, Ganesha represents the power of the feminine to overcome obstacles and pave the way for new beginnings.

    The original colorway of Queen Cardinal is a vibrant combination of corals and hot pinks, to me, they talk of the sensual and radiant energy of the feminine. The symbols presented in Queen Cardinal’s hands, such as a moon, a heart, a sun and an anchor, are reminiscent of the Rose Cardinal logo and motto: Dream, Do, Love, Trust. These symbols represent the various aspects of the feminine energy, reminding us to always listen to our intuition, follow our dreams, and trust in ourselves.

    In creating this design, I wanted to convey the message that the feminine is a powerful force that can guide us to be our best selves. The Queen Cardinal silk scarf is a tribute to the strength, grace, and dignity of the feminine, and I hope it will inspire others to embrace their own feminine energy.