The Rose Cardinal logo says it all. It is the compass that directs Rose Cardinal.

    It represents four cardinal points: the Moon dreams, the Heart loves, the Anchor holds steady, and the Sun gives with the energy that creates worlds.

    Dream and Do, Love and Trust. That’s the intention behind every Rose Cardinal creation.

    A story of flow.

    It’s all too easy to lose our flow, our ease, as we get distracted by the noise. 

    Rose Cardinal is based on a small island in the middle of the Irish sea. This sea whispers a story of flow and magic.

    Rose Cardinal is here to remind you of your inner flow and bring you tokens of self-love, magic, and self-actualization.

    Beach silk scarf

    Inspired action.

    Rose Cardinal is the dream of designer Catherine Petit. 

    Fifteen years of working as a designer and in the retail industry have compiled to make this dream possible as Catherine brings with her, into this new adventure, the manufacturing partners she has gotten to know and trust throughout the first half of her career.

    Her experience has brought her to a place where she can dive into the unknown, with no pushback or friction from her mind, to bring inspired creations into your reality. 

    “Rose Cardinal is an easy dream. A complete joy. Let me whisk you away to this magical place.”


    As an upcoming designer brand, our boutique structure enables us to get to know you, offer you amazing products and impeccable service. 

    We also welcome you, our client, into the core of our business to create a deep and meaningful relationship through the Cardinal Club.

    The Cardinal Club is a unique space where your personal input steers the orientation of our new collections. This is how Rose Cardinal creates products that really resonate with who you are.

    We design for you, with you.

    what our clients say.

    "Dear Catherine, I have just received the's gorgeous...... thank you so much....." Gonda


    "Where should I start?
    In summary, I'm in love with my silhouette when I wear it. The smell of the belt is delicious. The leather quality is, well, you need to experience it firsthand with your sense because I won't do any justice in describing it; it is simply impeccable." M.Shanghong


    "Your design is very special and I really appreciated the careful packaging and card that came with my scarf." Sandy


    Allow yourself to dream because inspiration lies beyond the dream.

    Stuff that comes from that place of non-resistance moves forward with force to lead you to action.


    The dream comes first, but action must follow for the dream to be. 

    At Rose Cardinal, forward movement is the natural state. We believe in focused action and progress.


    We give the best of ourselves when we love. 

    Rose Cardinal comes from a deep love for life and others. We work with artisans who love their trade, with people who love to share and we fuel Rose Cardinal with our will to do great.


    Our part is to dream, love and do, after that comes grace. 

    To trust in life, in grace, is an important part of our journey. There is only so much we can control and we acknowledge the role of chance, coincidence, luck — whatever you want to call it —  in our journey.