How to wear your Scarf-Belt.

    This is a quick tutorial on how to setup your Rose Cardinal leather scarf-belt for the best effect.
    You want it to be intentional, structured and classy and this is how you'll achieve the perfect look:

    1 - Pick the side of the Rose Cardinal scarf belt you want to wear, with the chosen color facing up. 

    Reversible scarf-belt

    2 - Fold the lucky scarf so the opposite corners meet at the center, then roll the edges inward towards the center.

    Folding a scarf belt3 - Place the folded scarf over the belt, with the centers aligned.

    Wear scarf-belt

    4 - Thread the scarf through the two holes closest to the "Dream, Do, Love, Trust" logo on the belt.

    Weave scarf through scarf belt

    5 - Weave the scarf through the rest of the holes in the belt.

    Scarf-belt ready to wear

    Et Voilà! :)

    Enjoy wearing your beautifully embellished outfit and have a delightful day!

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     How to wear a scarf-belt

    Much Love x


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