QUEEN ENERGY - Amethyst


    • 100% silk twill
    • 90 x 90cm square
    • Made in Italy
    • Dry clean only

    Queen Cardinal is every woman. Resilient by nature, with an innate ability to transform the mundane into magic, she knows life, breathes hope, and practices unconditional love. Queen Cardinal can do anything and give everything, all at once.
    Her open hands offer a moon, a sun, a heart and an anchor as symbols of her qualities which link back to the Rose Cardinal moto : dream, do, love, trust.
    The famous sentence, written about Shakespeare by a critic, has been re-visited to decorate Queen Cardinal’s belt buckle: “A Queen of all trades is a master of none, But oftentimes better than a master of one.”



    The Amethyst gemstone is known for healing, calming and bringing wisdom to its owner.
    Because of their many symbolic similarities, it made sense to paint Queen Cardinal in an Amethyst colourway.
    The combination of soft pinks, blues and violets make for a very versatile scarf.
    It will rock a leather jacket just as well as it will uplift a tailored suit.

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